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Real Estate

Negotiating purchases and sales, drafting and reviewing loan documents, offers, and preparation of closing documents, including deeds.

What is Real Estate law?

Real estate and real property law are the rules that govern land, either residential or commercial, and the structures on it. Real estate law directly and indirectly impacts landlords, home owners, buyers, sellers, and renters.

Real estate attorneys utilize their expertise to provide guidance on property issues and handle everyday transactions, as well as legal disputes that may arise concerning real estate.

When should you hire a real estate lawyer?

While not required, hiring an attorney for real estate transactions can be useful for the average homebuyer.

Attorneys can help review the contract of sale to make sure there it is fair to all parties and ensure there are no legal issues that may interfere with the transaction. Commercial real estate transactions can be complicated, expensive, and involve a high amount of risk.

Hiring an attorney versed in real estate law can help you avoid costly, time-consuming mistakes.

Real estate law services provided by Hammer Law Firm:

We offer a full range of legal services customized to meet the unique needs of each client. Our areas of practice for real estate include:

  • Negotiating purchases and sales
  • Landlord or tenant laws
  • Drafting and reviewing loan documents, offers, and deeds.
  • Commercial and residential lease drafting
  • Foreclosures
  • Land Use Laws
  • Title examinations
  • Real Estate Litigation

Have the right real estate law team around you.

Hammer Law Firm has extensive knowledge about property rights, real estate issues, finance and business and can handle all of your real estate matters.

From drafting purchase and sale agreements to title reviews, title insurance and transfer of title, our law firm will help manage the complexity of real estate and property law issues, regardless of whether you are dealing with commercial or residential real estate in Iowa, Illinois or Wisconsin.