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Municipal Work

Open records matters, annexation, resolution drafting, zoning and plat issues.

What is Municipal Law?

Municipal law is a broad area of law specifically pertaining to cities, towns and other local governments.

Services cover a wide range of issues, including everything from land use and development, employment matters and litigation to ordinance drafting and property taxes.

When should you hire a Municipal lawyer?

Typically, municipal attorneys are hired directly by the municipalities that need representation or general advisory services. We work in partnership with local city leaders and town councils to ensure the nuances of each municipality’s laws are understood and respected.

Whether it’s acting as the city or town’s dedicated firm for all legal matters, or as a consult for a specific case, Hammer Law Firm can assist municipalities to ensure laws are adhered to and legal documents are in order

Municipal Work services provided Hammer Law Firm:

We offer a full range of legal services customized to meet the unique needs of each client. Our areas of practice for municipals include:

  • Open records matters
  • Annexation
  • Resolution drafting
  • Zoning
  • Plat issues

Have the right municipal work team around you.

Hammer Law Firm is well-versed in state laws in regards to the operation of municipal governments.

We regularly represent cities and communities in Iowa and Illinois including city and village government representation for East Dubuque, Hanover, Elizabeth, Scales, Mound, and Galena Public Library.

Our firm understands the importance of complying with regulations and laws while supporting the client’s need to fulfill its civic duty to the public.