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Susan Hess receives IDCA Award

Susan Hess received Iowa Defense Counsel Association Meritorious Service Award at the Annual Meeting and Seminar and was recognized for her long-standing service on the board from 2017-2023.

Partners at Hammer Law Firm, PLC helping to change the world one person at a time

During this holiday season, the partners at Hammer Law Firm, PLC made a donation of two Trek Buffalo Bikes. Trek matched this donation.

More about the campaign: Trek Bicycle committed to match donations up to $500,000 through the end of 2021. Donated funds help build and distribute Buffalo Bicycles in developing countries. The Buffalo bike is built to withstand rural terrain and built to carry 100kg + loads.

“This campaign provides the chance to help change the world, one person at at time. A bicycle can mean the ability to achieve an education, access to healthcare, and even leads to gender equality because of the opportunities mobility provides. One bicycle can have a significant impact on many lives.”

-Bob Burns, Trek Bicycle vice president of advocacy.

Hammer Law Firm, PLC encourages others to go to the Trek website and donate during this holiday season.

Susan Hess receives Iowa Defense Counsel President Award

Susan Hess received the President’s Award in September at the Annual Meeting and Seminar for Iowa Defense Counsel Association.